Rarer Than a Unicorn

“What’s rarer than a unicorn? A Jon Huntsman bumper sticker. And I found one.”

It’s Kind of Scary When the Chancellor of Germany Says Stuff Like This: German Chancellor wants ‘permanent’ supervision of Greece, warns of war

Better a Bottle in Front of Me Than a Frontal Lobotomy: Recession causing more people to drink alone

Guess Who He’s Talking About, Sasha, Malia, or Hillary Clinton?: Obama says “She’s been outstanding. She’s done a great job We’re really proud of her. …. She stepped up to the plate. She works as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen. She is tenacious. And we are really very proud of her. …”

Good. Now He Can Go Back To Punching People: Mayweather found not guilty of harrasment

So It’s Only Okay When Floyd Mayweather Does It?: Italian deputies in fist fight over reforms

Because Its Fun and We Wouldn’t Exist Without It?: Why sex is so important to us!

Hey, It’s My Home District. Oh Wait. Oh No, It’s My Home District: Chelsea Clinton considering congressional bid

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