I Think We’re Turning Libertarian

Every few weeks Gallup puts out a poll on how Americans view a particular issue and commentators make their comments on how it benefits the Democrats or how it benefits the Republicans. Then another poll comes out and they move on to the next biggest thing. But if you take a look at all the polls together you will come to the same conclusion did. Which is, I think Gallup is trying to tell us something:

Today, a Gallup poll came out that said that a record low of 26% of Americans are in favor in banning hand guns.

A few weeks earlier another Gallup poll came out saying that for the first time 50% of the country favored legalizing marijuana.

In May, Gallup came out with a poll that showed gay marriage with majority support for the first time.

Yet another Gallup poll showed that 50% of Americans see the federal government as posing a threat to the rights of its citizens.

A Gallup poll in October of last year showed that a large majority of Americans think the federal government is too large and too powerful.

The conclusion, ladies and gentleman, is that America is turning into Gary Johnson. Or in more general terms, libertarian. Why is this?

Well think of every major endeavor that the federal government has taken over the past 10 years. From the deficit/debt problem to the Wall Street and car bailouts to the stimulus to the healthcare bill to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it seems that the government can’t get anything right. Whether this assessment is fair or not, it seems that Americans are less willing to tolerate government its worst in exchange for when it is at its best.

So, to borrow the words of a certain professor, in the America of tomorrow you may see married gay couples with closets full of assault rifles lighting up joints to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Posted By Max Viscio

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