Daily Wrap Up

We Bomb It, You Live With It and You Buy It: Bachman tells CBS that Iraq should pay back money US spent on liberation

There’s a Sheep Joke in There Somewhere: Rugby World Cup fans party hard to celebrate All Black victory

Because If Creditors Knew How Screwed We Really Are They Would Never Loan Us Money: EU considers ban on credit ratings for countries

After Previous Requests For an IMF Loan Were Declined: Strauss-Kahn ‘sex soirees paid for by businessmen’ 

A Simple “Thank You for Keeping Me from Ending Up Like Gaddafi” Would Have Sufficed: Karzai says Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in war with US 

Damn, They Took My Joke: Chinese Rare Earth Company Strokes Mustache, Cuts Off World’s Access to Rare Earths to Inflate Prices

 Finally, Libyans Other Than Gaddafi Can Have Access to Easy Money and Multiple Women: Libya declared an Islamic state, will ban interest on loans and permit polygamy

To Be Fair, the Kids Were Really Acting Out That Day: Union lobbyists teach for one day, will get millions in pensions

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