China Etc. #4

Kevin Kwok (@discoballs) rounds up the week’s most eye-catching news from the Middle Kingdom.


Context here.

  • We begin this week with a piece of news that is eye-catching for all the wrong reasons. A horrific video from Foshan, Guangdong that first surfaced last Monday recorded a young toddler being run over twice by trucks, then ignored by at least a dozen passersby before finally being assisted by a trash collector. The video has shot around China (and to a lesser extent, the world), instigating agitated soul-searching amongst its populace about how its society could come to this. The toddler, identified as “Yueyue”, has now died from the injuries sustained, and the two drivers have been arrested. [The Globe and Mail] [ABC] [Daily Mail]
  • BBC reports that China’s economic growth is down to “only” 9.1% for the third quarter of 2011. Economists have pointed to the tightening of credit markets by China’s central bank over fears of inflation and asset bubbles, particularly in property, as well as exports being hurt by the economic troubles in both the US and the eurozone. [BBC]
  • Caixin reports that non-registered Beijing residents (those without the city hukou) will qualify for public housing starting December 1st. This move by the Beijing municipal government is widely believed to be a response to the city’s astronomical property prices and overcrowding.
  • With more and more Tibetans turning to self-immolation in a desperate bid for greater religious and social autonomy, the US has lodged a complaint towards China. [AP]
  • Finally, in an effort to help neutralize the effect of the Yueyue story, brighten up your day by ogling the monstrous slipper accompanying this Telegraph article. Weighing in at size 1450, it was made for Tom Boddingham by Chinese manufacturers who misread Size 14.5 (Boddingham’s original request) as Size 1450. Speculation is rampant that Boddingham’s slipper is in fact a hoax, but China Etc. begs that does not detract your attention from the amazing photo…
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