A Preview of Tonight’s Debate

As it stands right now, the current front-runners are Romney, Perry, and Cain.

Cain: Having risen to the top of the field, he should expect much more attention and scrutiny than in the previous debates. If he can withstand the pressure then he will have shown that he is more than just the “flavor of the week.” But if he withers in the face of criticism then he could end up like Michele Bachman and once again sink into the lower tier.

Romney: It remains to be seen how important Chris Christie’s endorsement will be, but if Romney continues to do well in these debates he will remain the front runner of the front runners. At this point in the race he wins if he’s the last man standing.

Perry: After stumbling in the last two debates Perry really needs to pick up his game to get his campaign back on track. If he is able come out on top against Romney and/or Cain stumbles, then he could regain some of his lost ground.

As usual those in the bottom tier will try to get attention in order to catapult towards the top. Gingrich has been doing pretty well during the debates and he has risen a bit in the polls in the past month. Of course, when you are in the single digits and your entire campaign staff resigns there’s nowhere to go but up.

Posted By Max Viscio

One thought on “A Preview of Tonight’s Debate

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