China Etc. #2

Kevin Kwok (@discoballs) rounds up the week’s most eye-catching news from the Middle Kingdom.


Shameless hometown plug: The above image has been all over the Internet this week. Find out who designed it.

  • To really understand just how big Apple has become since Steve Jobs returned to the helm, look no further than China’s reaction to his passing. As Chinese netizens to woke up to the news on Tuesday, the inimitable folks at Shanghaiist looks at their reaction on Weibo (Twitter in China) and in the flesh.
  • The Dalai Lama’s request for a South African visa was turned down, leading him to abandon plans to attend Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday. [NYTimes] The South African government has since come under vociferous criticism for their refusal to admit the Dalai Lama, but in the end the two friends and Nobel laureates made do with a live video link reportedly accompanied with lots of “giggling and teasing”. [Boston Globe]
  • Russia’s spy agency issued a statement on Wednesday claiming the arrest of a Chinese national for espionage. This comes hot on the heels of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers’ declaration that China is not only spying and hacking into American companies’ websites and databases to retrieve commercial data, it is doing so at a “massive” and “unprecedented” level. [ABC]
  • Bo Xilai and Wang Yang. Maybe not household names Stateside, but these are the two key figureheads behind the battle being raged behind the scenes for the CCP’s ideological soul. The Globe and Mail examines their rivalry.
  • The debate over whether China manipulates its currency and how much that affects the US economy has been done to death. In which case, why not go back to basics? Patrick Chovanec, a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management, breaks the whole thing down into 9 simple questions.
  • And finally, since the weather this week has been so great, how to spot good old Tiangong 1 this evening as you look up towards the great above.
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