Palin Out of Presidential Race

It’s finally been confirmed.

In a letter to her supporters yesterday, Sarah Palin stated that she will not run for President in 2012. The decision came as a bit of a shock following her announcement of a summer bus tour earlier this year, which many voters took as indication of her desire to run for President.

Since her national claim to fame as John McCain’s 2008 VP candidate, Palin has become one of U.S. politic’s most well-known and controversial figures. Her stardom has led to book and television deals (such as “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”) that have initiated much scrutiny and discussion. Though she will not chase after the Presidency, there’s no doubt that Palin will remain active in politics. In what role, we don’t know, but it’s hard to imagine that Palin will just leave the scene.

What kind of an impact do YOU think Palin’s had on U.S. politics? And where will she go now?

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