Commentary: Occupy [Insert City Here]

By now you’ve surely heard of the protests going on all over the country. By now you have at least a vague understanding of the kinds of issues the protesters are interested in. Moreover, by now you understand the magnitude of these protests and perhaps have a theory of your own about what they mean about the state of the American people. Yet while you may be quick to either praise or dismiss their efforts perhaps it’s best to step back and spend a few minutes with an open mind thinking about what they have to say and where you fit in. I admit I’m hardly left of center when it comes to our economic system, but the stories of many a supporter are worthy of deep deliberation. Just today I spoke to someone who sympathized with such activism and I was bluntly reminded of the failures of many of the various systems targeted by Occupy Wall St., mainly the state of the healthcare system. While I won’t be taking to the streets anytime soon I have certainly seen in these protesters (and those amenable to them) a genuine element of passion missing in most of the individuals (instead replaced by a mob mentality) in several other movements in the past. Will the protests accomplish anything? Not directly. If anything, Occupy Wall St. personifies the political anguish present in a major portion of the population that is sure to raise alarms for both Obama and the next major GOP candidate. Herman Cain clearly did not appeal to this electorate with his comment that they “should blame themselves” for the current state of affairs. Ideally a GOP candidate should instead recognize the inherent dissatisfaction within the Republican electorate itself , pick up some moderate votes, and truly show how he is different from Obama. Until then Occupy Wall St. will remain nothing more than a set of loud voices with no echo to hear them out. In your opinion what do you want to fix? What will you do about it?

Posted By Alfredo Luque

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