Ladies and Gentlemen, the Mayor of London

In the Daily Telegraph Boris Johnson has a novel approach to make the UK more competitive with countries like China and India:

“There is one obvious solution, and that is to infect these vast new market economies – as fast as possible – with the British disease. We must spread the sclerosis. We must get them addicted to our vices. And that is why it might be an idea to ensure that the gospel of Ed Miliband is heard across the planet.”

So UK politics doesn’t get that much attention in the States these days, but in the aftermath of the Conservative victory in 2010 Britain continues to undergo a program of austerity in order to reduce its debt load. These measures have produced a public backlash, most visibly in the riots that occurred over the summer. The Labour Party under Ed Miliband has sought to distance itself from the neo-liberal “New Labour” policies of the Blair-era and move towards what some are calling “Blue Labor.” This new direction takes a more populist leftist economic tone and combines it with more conservative positions on social issues like immigration. Meanwhile David Cameron has announced his “Big Society” vision where powers and responsibilities are devolved to local governments and communities.

So what vision will win out, Big Society or Blue Labour? Or perhaps another concept altogether? Though Labour leads in the polls right now the next election is not scheduled until 2015. So unless a rift between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats leads to a collapse of the government it looks like the Big Society will have its way for now.

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