Graph of the Day

Remember this post? Well a new poll brings us some interesting news when it comes to the political system at the state and local level.  According to Gallup a solid majority of Americans have faith in their state governments and more than two thirds have confidence in government at the local level.

Before state houses everywhere crack open the champagne, we must point out that this optimism is not shared across all regions. There is quite a noticeable gap between how the South and the East view their local governments versus their counterparts in the West and the Mid-West:

So why the disparity between how the public views the politicians in DC and those their in own state? Maybe it’s the fact that the average citizen has more influence at the state and local level versus the halls of the Capitol. But why would some regions like their local government more than others? Culture? Maybe politicians from the South and East are more competent and honest than elsewhere. On second thought, probably not.

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