A Tale of Two Executions

Last week the execution of Troy Davis caused a political and emotional firestorm that saw widespread condemnation of the US justice system and prompted many like Georgia Congressman John Lewis to proclaim “I am Troy Davis.” Though there were indications that some of the evidence used in the trial did not hold water, the Supreme Court decided not to intervene and Davis was executed.

Now there’s another pending execution that is not getting nearly as much attention. An Iranian Christian pastor by the name of Youcef Nadarkhani faces execution for the “crime” of apostasy. According to Islamic law, the penalty for leaving the faith and converting to another is death. Despite being given multiple opportunities to recant, Nadarkhani has remained steadfast in standing up for what he believes even in the face of death.

I’m happen to be on the Amnesty International mailing list and I got tons of email about Troy Davis. As of now I have not received one email about Youcef Nadarkhani. There are no politicians saying “I am Youcef Nadarkhani.” No mass protests, no wall to wall media coverage. Last week there was a uproar because a man, not necessarily an innocent man, was executed on questionable evidence. This week a man whose only crime is his religion may be killed and from all the voices of last week there is only silence.

Posted By Max Viscio

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