Another Debate Preview

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for another debate. So, what will happen tonight?

Romney and Perry will continue to battle it out over Social Security. Recent polling shows that most Republicans believe that Perry wishes to reform the program rather than gut it, so Romney’s most effective line of attack will be to say that though Perry has good intentions his brash talk will simply make him unelectable. In a op-ed in Politico, one time rival-turned ally Tim Pawlenty pushes the electablitiy arugement for Romney, though the same argument did not work so well for Pawlenty’s own campagin. Perry will try to paint Romney as a wuss (for a lack of a better term) and stress the importance of a nominee who is clearly defined against Obama (that means no Romneycare).

At this point the race is between Romney and Perry, so all the other candidates are hoping to make the leap into the top tier. Fox News will be broadcasting the debate, so expect it to be the most viewed one so far. Also, Gary Johnson will make an appearance after being shunned from the last few events due to low polling.

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