Tuesday Update

What’s going on today:

Afghanistan: Taliban fighters target the US Embassy in Kabul with an attack that killed 9 and injured 23. This was the largest assault on the capital since the Taliban were removed from power in 2001. Violence in Pakistan continues even as President Obama vows to remove all US troops by 2014.

Pakistan: Monsoon floods in the Sindh Province in Pakistan leave 270 dead and millions of acres of farm land underwater. This comes after Pakistan continues to recover from last year’s devastating monsoon floods the put nearly a fifth of the country under water.

Tonight two special elections will be held in Nevada and New York to fill vacancies left by the appointment of Dean Heller to the US Senate to replace John Ensign and the resignation of Rep. Anthony Wiener, who left due to a sex scandal. The outcome of these two races may have a significant impact on the political climate in Washington, particularly the race in New York where a once reliably Democratic district is in danger of falling to the GOP. I’ll be covering the race from Queens and will post an in-depth report tomorrow.

Posted By Max Viscio

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