Monday Update

Race to the White House 2012

Former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty officially endorses former rival Mitt Romney but…

Romney’s rival Rick Perry picks up the endorsement of popular Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who will be Perry’s guest at the debate.

In other news, President Obama officially sent his jobs bill to Congress today, promising to pay for the 450 billion dollar package by ending tax credits for energy companies, hedge fund managers, and those making over 200,000 dollars per year.

Libyan fighters continue to mass outside of the town of Bani Walid after stiff pro-Qaddafi resistance and internal strife hamper their advance. Meanwhile Niger confirms it has taken Saadi Qaddafi into custody.

Tonight is the Republican CNN/Tea Party debate and I’ll have full coverage of that tomorrow.

Romney and Pawlenty didn’t always get along…

Jindal’s endorsement…

How Obama Plans to Pay for the AJA…

The latest on Libya… 

Posted By Max Viscio

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